PAA Race Training Clinics – Session 3

Hi everyone

Firstly, it’s a good job there is no session this week as I’ve been really ill with the flu. Fortunately I’ve got a bit of time to recover now in time for our next session on January 8th.  The pre-session 3 assignments are as follows:
    • There are plenty of articles and videos on cornering on the web, but this is one I particularly like as it covers virtually all the important points.  One thing I think they missed is when you are going fast it helps to point your inside knee where in the direction you want to go.  It doesn’t need to be as extreme as you see racing motorbikes do – Robbie McEwen demonstrates this well below too.·        A cornering masterclass with Robbie McEwen: at 8:51 into the video for the cornering stuff)
    • If you can over the holiday period, try a cross training session – weights, pilates, yoga or something that may be beneficial to your riding – cycling may be good exercise but doing it to a high level with no other exercise can cause problems so it’s important to diversify once in a while, and no beer drinking does not count as cross training Cesar!
    • Also, I received a few audits where riders were quite vague in their perceived strengths and weaknesses and their goals for 2014, so I recommend you take another look your rider audit and at your goals for 2014.   Ask yourself:

o   Are my goals SMART?
o   Are my goals aligned with my abilities?
o   What do I need to do to try and make those goals a reality? 

    • Take time over the holiday period to really think about what you want from the season ahead.  Bike racing is hard physically and mentally, its expensive and requires a high degree of commitment.  It is important therefore to know what you want to achieve out of it – why do something so demanding otherwise?  I was going to send this link out next time, but if you have time to really consider your goals for the season now this will help:  Write down your plan and then try and work to it through 2014.  I know Tommy is setting up a meeting for the 4/5 team soon to start to target some early races, this will help everyone on the team as well as you, and you never know, there may be team mates out there willing to help you achieve your goals!
Session 3 will be a recap on session 1 & 2 plus some stuff on cornering.  As it will be the new year, the sessions will now start getting harder – hopefully you’ll be picking up your training to match! Hopefully I’ll be well enough to keep up with you all then too! 
I’ll send out a more detailed session plan nearer the time.  Of course, if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line.
Happy Holidays!

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