A great quote from Marco Pinotti

Here’s a great quote I just read from Marco Pinotti about training and racing.  I couldn’t agree more – quality rather than quantity.

Racing and training teaches you discipline.

My secret to success was just to keep training and be dedicated to hard work.  I wasn’t one of the biggest or best talents of my generation but I was able to obtain what I did thanks to my work.  Working better than others, not more, but better.

The higher the level, the more you have to put into your training.  A rider might say that he didn’t really train but if he arrives first or thereabouts. Then he put in all the hard work.  There’s no easy way to get there.

With cycling, you have to be awake and on top of your game.  In football, you are on an 11 man team.  If you have an off-day on a bike, no one is going to help you get the result or even to get to the top of the climb.  The first race is the training it takes to arrive to the start line; it’s probably the most important race and where the difference in the results is made.


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