Race Training Clinics – Sessions 5 & 6

Good work out last night guys.  My legs ache this morning and I hope yours all do too!

Anyway, we’ve five sessions in the bag and five more to go.  To recap, so far we have covered:

  • Group riding technique
  • Paceline technique
  • Advanced Paceline technique with sprint efforts from threshold
  • 1 minute (hill) intervals
  • 20 second sprint intervals (Tabata) followed by lead out practice

For the five sessions to come the plan is to base the sessions around the following:

  • 4 minute intervals
  • 2 minute intervals (break simulation)
  • Threshold session – time trial training
  • 10 second intervals (sprint training part 2)
  • Descending intervals — that’s descending in intensity not going downhill 🙂

As there were several requests last night to do another hill interval session, we’ll do the 4minute intervals in the hills next week.  These are your sessions though so if you want to cover something else either next week or in future please let me know.

As far as assignments, check out the following:

  • Positioning http://www.cyclingtipsblog.com/2011/03/positioning-yourself-in-the-peloton/
  • Review your cycling parameters (in rider audit given out before session 1).  Review your riding log for the last few weeks. How many hours did you spend working your weakest parameters?  Think about your goals, will what you have done in training over the last few weeks bring you to your goals?  If not, what can you do to refocus your training on your goals in the coming weeks? 

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