Race Training Clinic 7

Sorry for the delay in posting feedback from Session 6 and what is planned for Session 7.  Apart from the cars leaving the college at the beginning of interval 1, I thought session 6 went well, I know my legs ached on Thursday!  Anyway, best effort of the night this week I’m going to say went to Bernie, who looked great spinning up that climb for a big guy. Good work Bernie, prize coming for you this week.

So week 7.  The plan is breakaway practice.  We’re going back to laps of the bowl this week.  This will be structured though with pairs of riders taking it turns to go up the road, making a 2minute flat out type efforts with 2mins of recovery at 80-100% of threshold rather than the more common 40-50% you would expect from a traditional HIIT session.  This will mimic more accurately the type of effort you might need to put in to get out front of a peloton.  Full details will be given at the session.

For assignments this week, check out these.

Race strategy and tactics:






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