Vincenzo Nibali’s cornering tips

I’ve just read a bunch of quotes from Vincenzo Nibali on cornering.  He’s known as one of the fastest descenders in the pro peloton so I guess he knows what he’s talking about.  This is what he says about taking back to back curves fast, always a difficult thing to do and get right:

If there’s a curve right after another, a couple of hairpins back to back, then it’s not the first curve that’s important but the second one.  With one right after another, then you need to take the first corner a lot looser – not so tight to the apex.  You need what is called a late apex.  You need to go as deep as you can beore the corner and slow down at a point further out.  If you ease up there, then you are going to take that second bend much quicker because you’ll have a straighter line through the two bends.

Here’s Nibali taking what looks like a much tighter line to two Sky riders (Wiggins and Froome I assume) from the 2012 Tour:



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