Race Training Session 8

Well, 7 sessions down and 3 to go!  This week, (#8) is another sprint training session.  The plan is as follows, please set up your stopwatches/Garmins to reflect the workout ahead of the session.  This is going to be a hard one to pace if you don’t have the workout planned on a Garmin, so if you don’t have one then try to pair up with someone who does.


Warm up lap x2
Regroup/Split into groups of 2 or 3
1 lap: 10 second intervals with 30 seconds between each interval (approx 12 per lap)
1 lap: 20 second intervals with 1 min between each interval (approx 7 per lap)
1 lap: 30 second intervals with  1 min 30 seconds between each interval (approx 4 per lap)
The shorter sets should be done on a smaller gear, using a slightly bigger gear for the longer interval so you can keep going for the longer duration.  The focus should be on sprinting up to maximum as fast as possible, focusing on your jump/acceleration and then holding on, rather than trying to pace yourself over the full interval.
Nearing the end of each lap we’ll take a short bit of recovery time (2-3mins) along the short straight then carry on with the next set.
After the 3 laps we’ll come in and regroup, then we’ll do one lap together to warm down.

As for assignments, here’s another sprint tip from cyclingtips:
Fine tuning your sprint:  http://cyclingtips.com.au/2012/10/fine-tuning-your-sprint-with-ben-kersten/
And don’t forget to Google victory salutes so you can make it look good when you win!

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