Race Training Session 9 – Warm Up Protocol for Time Trials

Here is the warm up protocol we will use for tomorrow’s time trial training session.  There are many warm up protocols for time trials but this one works for us as it is about the right length of time and has the key TT warm up elements, an easy phase at the beginning and end, a progressive build phase, and some short sprint efforts to get your body used to the hard effort to come without tiring.  It also has been used by Team Sky (http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/page/latest-news/?id=88439).

  • 5 min light
  • 8 min progressive to Zone 5
  • 2 min easy
  • 2 min to include – 3 x 6s accelerations to activate
  • 3 mins easy


  1. Progressive means building to the power zone over the 8 minutes.  Only in the last 1 min do you get to Z5 (Z5 -> 90% maximum heart rate for those that have HRM’s)
  2. 6 second accelerations are sprints & for a whole 6 seconds!

There are three key things to remember when warming up for time trials – the shorter the time trial the longer and harder the warm up needs to be; make sure you warm up hard enough and don’t finish your warm up too long before the start time.

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