Race Training – Sessions 9&10

Results from last nights time trial race simulation are shown below:

Split 1 Split 2 Finish Rank
Dante DNS
Jason F 08:33 17:11 25:39 7
Hector 08:23 16:40 DNF
Bernie 07:51 15:30 23:13 2
Todd 08:16 16:27 24:30 6
Jason M 08:45 17:29 26:00 8
Wes 07:53 15:42 23:18 3
Rob 07:59 16:08 24:04 4
Peter 08:49 17:53 26:55 9
Torsten 07:39 15:27 23:05 1
David 07:56 16:06 24:06 5

Good work everybody and special shout out to Torsten for recording the fastest time.

I would encourage you all to repeat this test every now and again to see how your fitness is progressing.  A 20-30minute effort such as this is ideal for calculating your functional threshold power if you have a power meter and if not you can use the effort required to broadly gauge training intensities as percentage of that effort.  We have been doing this through these sessions as I have been referring to percentage of threshold pace for the effort we should be putting in.

Next week, Session 10 is the last planned session of the Race Training Clinics (has a bit of an “end of school” feel to it, don’t you think?).  There are three options: we can either do a decreasing interval set, a fartlek session (race simulation) or repeat a previous session if anyone has a favorite they want to do again.  Drop me an email with your preference and I’ll make a decision over the weekend.

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