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UCI/WCC Power Profiling Test

I recently came across this power profiling test that the UCI use for athletes at their Aguile Training Facility:

17min Warm Up
7min at 90rpm
1.5min at 100rpm
1min at 105rpm
1min at 110rpm
30sec at 115rpm
4min at 90rpm

6sec Peak Power Test
3min 54sec active recovery

6sec Peak Power Test
3min 54sec active recovery

30sec Sprint Test
3min 40sec active recovery

4min Aerobic Test

I do find it strange that they specify such a precise active recovery period of 3min 54sec after the 6seconds power test to get to an exact 4mins, but then specify 3min 40sec of recovery after a 30sec effort, to get 4min 10sec.  Maybe they know something I don’t….

Another short power profiling test I have come across is the AiS (Australian Institute of Sport) test where you do 6, 10, 20, 30sec, 1min and 4min intervals.  This covers more bases to my mind.  After all if you are going to put yourself through the ringer to test your short duration power you might as well get as broad a profile as possible.