Race Training Clinic – Session 6

Firstly, there is a change to the meet up point.  Because of the construction work where we normally meet, from this week we will meet at the south west corner of the Rose Bowl/Lot K, under the light where we were stopping last week.  Usual time.

Anyway, this week is hill intervals mk2.  After a warm up lap we will be heading for Lida for 5x4minute hill intervals.  Lida is a 1.1mile 6% climb with a Strava record time of 5:12, so we’ll do the 4minute interval and turn and return to the bottom before we reach the top.  This will be done in groups.  After we’ve done 5 sets we’ll return down Salvia Canyon for a warm down lap and finish.

See you Wednesday.

Oh and remember my goal for these training sessions?  2 winners from the alumi this year – Bernie gets the first and it’s only week two of the season!  Way to go Bernie!  Now who’s going to get the other….?