Race Training, Sessions 8&9

Great session last night everyone.  A couple of points to remember if you are going to do a session like last night again, firstly, remember to use the rest part of the set to try to recover, don’t worry about keeping your speed up, in fact sometimes its worth going slower so you can complete your next jump before a corner (say).  Of course, these kind of efforts are really better done on a trainer where corners, stops, lights, traffic etc can’t interfere with the quality of the interval.  Secondly, those hard repeated out of the saddle efforts really make you realize how important core training is for cycling.  Finally on last night, I’d like to say that Todd – you really surprised me – fantastic effort! I never knew you had such a jump, we’ll have to turn you into a sprinter……

Anyway, on to week 9.  This week is TT training.  I know in SoCal we don’t have that many TT’s but they are a great way to improve and test your threshold and that can help with other aspects of racing too.  Teams like Garmin seemed to have made a policy of recruiting plenty of strong time trialists to their ranks, because these kind of guys can use that ability to win races solo, from breakaways, drive the front of the peloton, lead out sprints, oh and time trial.  Pretty versatile skill to have.

I’d recommend all riders test themselves with a 20-30minute time trial over a set course at regular intervals during the season to understand their (threshold) fitness level.

The session plan will be like this:

Warm up laps – time trial specific warm up
3 lap time trial – set off at 30 second intervals
Warm down lap

This TT training session will be for road bikes so no turning up with TT bikes,disk wheels, skinsuits etc please!

To get you in the mood, here are some time trial specific articles you may find interesting, a lot can be applied to riding in the wind on a road bike, so don’t discount them just because you don’t have a specific TT bike.




See you Wednesday