Our approach is first and foremost service.  Service means listening to the athlete’s needs and adjusting our approach to help them achieve their goals.  Service means being there to motivate, being there to bounce ideas off, being there to help resolve problems.  Service means responding quickly and professionally to the athlete’s questions, comments and concerns.  Service means our expertise and contacts to leverage other expert resources to help the athlete achieve their goals.  We treat all our athletes, their goals and aspirations equally, whether you are new to the sport or seeking that championship win.

Coaching may start with the production of a training plan but it is nothing without the commitment of the coach and athlete team to the goal.  It is this team approach that we engender with our athletes that creates their success.


Training is an investment; paying for a coach is an investment.  You want to achieve your dreams and goals, so why choose us?

Experience.  Head Coach Nick has over 35 years of riding and racing experience.  He has 25+ years of training and coaching experience.

Qualifications.  Coach Nick is a USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach.  He has  continued to keep his coaching knowledge up to date with continuing education credits, including beginner racer training, environmental physiology, mental training, season planning and peaking, cyclocross training, nutrition and hydration, training and racing with power.

Available.  We can meet in person and we can go for a ride together.  We will respond to you quickly and in detail.  By strictly limiting the number of athletes we coach we ensure the best service at all times.  If coaching remotely we use skype, email, text, whatsapp phone and video.

Value for Money.  We provide personalized training plans, custom tailored to you as an athlete, you available time for riding, your profile as an athlete.  Plans are tailored to meet the specific demands of your goals.  Your workouts are reviewed in detail and we provide an unprecedented level of athlete feedback. And, all at a cost less per day than a Starbucks; which will improve your cycling more?

Educated: Head Coach Nick is college degree educated, with a Masters in Business Administration.  He is up to date on the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements of USA Cycling.

Involved:  In a voluntary capacity, Head Coach Nick serves on the Board of our local cycling club, a 350 strong club based in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.  He has been Vice President and currently serves as their Race Director, organizing race teams, rides and perform numerous other duties.  He was also on the organizing committee of the Amgen Tour of California for South Pasadena when the race came to the town, which included organizing a ride with Jens Voight.  He has organized clinics for the Southern California and Nevada Cycling Association.

With Peter Sagan at the AMGEN Tour of California

Active: We ride and we race.  Road, cyclocross, gravel and mountain bike.  We are often out riding in the mountains and the local “Tuesday Night Worlds” (Rose Bowl) most weeks in the summer. Coach Nick is a 2018 State Championships Gold Medal winner, multi time State Championships podium finisher and has won races on the road, criterium, time trial, mountain bike and cyclocross.

Track Record: We have coached athletes to achieve their goals in everything from gran fondos, local races, state championships, nationally ranked stage races and national championships.  We have coached beginning riders, aspiring racers and state champions.

We’d love to hear from you, please contact us if you would like to arrange a free 1-2-1 consultation.